Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 Engine Catches Fire on Roll Out

Photo: jasonavbc / Twitter

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Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 was performing positioning flight from Everett to Seattle when during roll out streaks of flame became visible from the left hand engine.

Tower immediately dispatched emergency services, couple of seconds later the crew called tower, tower instantly reported emergency services are already on their way and advised there was fire visible from the left hand engine, the crew advised they had no indication. A couple of other pilots also advised of the visible flames. The crew performed the checklists, shut the engine down and discharged the fire suppression, another pilot and tower advised it appeared the fire was out.

The FAA reported the engine caught fire during roll out at Seattle, the fire dissipated but the engine received minor damage from the fire.

The airport reported the engine was seen on fire, the fire went out before the fire crews arrived.

Source: avherald.com