How Cryptocurrencies Will Continue Shaping Private Jet Market in 2020?

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It’s no news that cryptocurrencies are gaining ground around the world. News businesses are willing to jump into the blockchain bandwagon and the private jet industry is one of them.

The flexibility of this payment method aligns perfectly with the behavior of the industry’s fast-paced clientele, reason why private air charters are finding ways to include cryptocurrencies into their long-range business plan.

Speed and security when booking a private flight, usually a high-volume transaction, are the main assets cryptocurrencies bring to the table.

This presents a great overall ecosystem for all players involved, providers and clients; the charter company doesn’t have to rely on banking operating hours to get a transaction and passengers will have the payment processed in just minutes.

In fact, there’s a company based at South Florida that thrives thanks to cryptocurrencies. BitLux has taken cryptocurrencies and private jet charter to a new level, granting clients with the possibility to pay every step of the process with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

“We strive to be an individual’s or company’s extension for success. And we think that building our network of trusted partners through a system that knows no limitations as cryptocurrencies, is a recipe for success. Cryptocurrencies are an anonymous, efficient and secure method to enjoy private luxury travel. And we take care of the rest, by putting private back in private air travel”, states Kyle Patel, Executive Director at BitLux.

Sure, Fiat currencies will still account for most transactions within the industry, by no means this will change in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, considering safety is the most important aspect of any aviation provider, it only makes sense to think that providing overall safety, from booking to landing, will increase the use of cryptocurrencies in the industry.

More players will adopt BlockChain Tech

How other sectors will adopt cryptocurrencies in the future is also a question every private charter provider with a vision to include this payment method should be asking.

As proposed by this article about the 10 Fabulous Predictions for the Future of Cryptocurrencies, Government Agencies may soon adopt the usage of Blockchain technology, as well as the overall financial industry, as a way to reduce complexities linked to operating hours, thus improving speed and safety in transactions. And both are sectors that also use private aviation at an executive level, either by chartering aircraft or using FBO services.

The private jet market has the potential transaction volume to justify its implementation, hence it’s not an understatement to project a steady growth in flights booked through Bitcoin throughout 2020. Additionally, cryptocurrencies’ digital scope is aligned with today’s online charter booking ecosystem, allowing to click your way to your next destination in minutes and without an intermediary.

“That’s truly the whole purpose. If your technology doesn’t pair with cryptocurrencies, then it’s best to make a shift when ready. We have a proprietary system that allows the most detailed and streamlined service in the industry, offering our clients a unique experience in every flight and demonstrating why we are the first genuine leading provider of private jet charter services through cryptocurrencies”, concludes Patel.