Hurricane Ophelia Affects Scandindavian Airlines Flight to Stockholm

Photo: / Christian H. Kamhaug

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SAS Scandindavian Airlines Boeing 737-800 performing flight from Malmo to Stockholm was on approach to Stockholm Arlanda Airport’ when the crew reported the smell of smoke in the cockpit.

The aircraft continued for a safe landing about 5 minutes later and was received by emergency services. No trace of fire, heat or smoke was found, the aircraft taxied to the apron.

The airline reported no cause of the odour was found. The airline strongly suspects the current atmospheric conditions with the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia affecting Europe after picking up sand from the Sahara and smoke from the forest fires in Spain and Portugal may have affected the flight, too.

Several dozen flights in Europe were affected in a similiar way reporting smell of smoke in the cockpit with no obvious cause. Observations of strangely red skies and/or sun are meanwhile arriving not only from Britain but also mainland Europe, in particular Netherlands, and into Scandinavia.