Irkut MC-21’s PD-14 Engine Begins Second Stage of Testing


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Russia’s United Engine Corp. (UEC) has started the second stage of PD-14 engine testing for the Irkut MC-21 aircraft. The tests are conducted at Flight Research Institute at Zhukovsky near Moscow.

Irkut is a subsidiary of Russia’s United Aircraft Corp. During the second stage, UEC said “the performance of the PD-14 engine will be tested at all speeds, altitudes and thrust ratings.” To date, the corporation has manufactured 11 PD-14 test engines. The first test stage started in 2015.

The MC-21 was rolled out June 8, 2016 at Irkut’s factory in Irkutsk. Its first flight is planned for December 2016-February 2017. The aircraft is available in two versions—the -200 and -300—which seat 132 and 163, respectively, in a standard two-class layout, or a maximum 165 and 211 seats.

Irkut has chosen two engine options for the aircraft—Russia’s PD-14 and Pratt & Whitney’s PW1400G engine. The landing gear system will be provided by Russia’s Gidromash Co., the auxiliary power unit by Hamilton Sundstrand, and the interiors by C&D Zodiac Aerospace.