LOT Embraer 170 Lands at Very High Speed With Zero Flaps

Photo: onemileatatime.boardingarea.com

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A LOT Polish Airlines Embraer ERJ-170, registration SP-LDG performing flight LO-411 from Warsaw (Poland) to Zurich (Switzerland), was on final approach to Zurich’s runway 14 when the crew initiated a go around reporting technical difficulties.

The aircraft entered a hold at FL110 while the crew worked the checklists, the crew subsequently advised they were having problems with the flaps. ATC offered the longest runway 16 which was accepted by the crew. The aircraft positioned for a landing on runway 16 and landed safely at a higher speed than normal about 30 minutes after the go-around.

A ground observer reported the aircraft landed at very high speed and needed almost the full runway length for roll out, it looked like the aircraft was landing flaps up.

Emergency services were advised of an Embraer 170 arriving on runway 16 with zero flaps.

Source: avherald.com