Lufthansa Group Cuts 100 Aircraft; Halts Germanwings

Photo: Markus Mainka /

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The second wave of restructuring measures implemented by the Lufthansa Group has been revealed. Among the key decisions: Group’s fleet reduction by 100 aircraft and suspension of Germanwings operations.

Across all its business units, Lufthansa Group confirmed having a calculated personnel surplus of at least 22,000 full-time positions. This includes leadership and administration positions as well.

Nevertheless, workforce reduction is not the only measure to save costs and reduce further expenses. Major tidying has been initiated in the Group’s fleet. In the recent statement, it was announced that the Group is eliminating 100 aircraft and shutting the operations of Germanwings.

At Lufthansa alone, 22 aircraft have already been phased out ahead of schedule, including six Airbus A380, eleven Airbus A320 and five Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

“The financial planning up to 2023 provides for the acceptance of a maximum of 80 new aircraft into the Lufthansa Group carriers’ fleets. This will reduce the investment volume for new aircraft by half,” the Lufthansa Group said.

The restructuring program called “ReNew” is scheduled to run until December 2023. This also includes restructuring programs that are already underway at the Group’s airlines and service companies.