Russia Banned Charter Flights to Turkey

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Russia has banned charter flights between Russia and Turkey, as part of economic sanctions announced Nov. 28 due to increased tensions between the two countries after the downing of a Russian fighter jet over Syria by Turkey.

Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov said the authority is obliged to arrange relevant regulations as soon as possible. It also recommends travel companies to abstain from selling tours to Turkey. It is expected that Russian carriers will also cease charter programs during the first half of December.

Up to 10,000 tourists from Russia are staying in Turkey now, Interfax reported. “It is impossible to imagine Russia’s travel industry without Turkey. During the last 13 years, Turkey was a leading destination for Russian tourists. In 2014, 3.3 million tourists from Russia visited Turkey, in 1H 2015—1.03 million, 26% decrease year-over-year,” Interfax reported, quoting Russia’s Tourism Industry Union spokesperson Irina Tyurina.