Russia Ready to Deliver Six MiG-29 Fighter Jets to Serbia


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The Russian authorities have expressed readiness to deliver six MiG-29 fighter jets to Serbia if Belgrade covers the jet fighters’ repair costs, Serbian media reported.

“Moscow allegedly indicated that the repair of jet fighters and related equipment requires about $50 million,” a governmental source was quoted as saying by the Naslovna Strana newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the question of the delivery of military equipment was discussed behind closed doors during the 15th intergovernmental committee meeting on the trade-economic and technical-scientific cooperation in the Russian city of Suzdal.

Serbian Leader Welcomes the Possible Move

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic told Sputnik that the reports on Russia’s decision to deliver the MiG-29 fighter jets to Serbia were a sign of sincere cooperation, mutual trust and friendship.

“It is a sign of sincere cooperation, trust and friendship. Serbia now has friends who will not hesitate to help it, who… do not hesitate to cooperate. Serbia wants to spread friendship to all nations in the world and will not support anyone in hating… We will not attack anyone, but we will provide the defense for our country and people,” Nikolic said.