Ryanair Becomes First EU Airline to Report Monthly Co2 Emissions


Photo: Skift

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Ryanair has become the first EU airline to release monthly CO2 emissions statistics, which show an average of 66g CO2 per passenger/km in May 2019. Accordingly, the airline delivers the lowest CO2 per passenger/km in the EU airline industry.

Ryanair is determined to further reduce emissions to under 60g per pax/km by 2030. Ryanair’s says its CO2 per pax/km has been cut from 82g to 67g (-18%) over the last decade while high fare competitors such as Lufthansa, BA and AF-KLM currently generate over 120g per pax/km.

Ryanair’s environmental commitment includes an investment of over US$20 billion in a fleet of 210 new Boeing 737 “gamechanger” aircraft, delivered between 2019 and 2024, which will carry 4% more passengers, but with 16% lower fuel burn and 40% lower noise emissions.

Source: Ryanair