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Ryanair Pilots to Strike Before Christmas

Ryanair passengers face disruption to their Christmas travel plans after pilots and crew announced industrial action in a bid to win union recognition and better conditions. Members of the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association told the carrier that they will halt work for a day on Dec. 20 over Ryanair’s refusal to recognize it or a […]

Ryanair Pilots to Cost Carrier an Extra €100m Per Annum

Following on from the rostering debacle, Ryanair has addressed the competitiveness of the low-cost carrier’s pilots’ pay, together with communication, career progression and basing. Michael O’Leary, the company’s CEO has claimed that the pay offered was “already slightly higher” that competitor airlines, but he admitted that response to a tightening market for experienced first officers […]

Hoax Terror Alert Forces Fighter Jets To Intercept Ryanair Flight

British fighter jets were scrambled to escort a Ryanair flight from Kaunas in Lithuania to London’s Stansted Airport on Wednesday after what the airline said was a hoax security alert. Ryanair said that the flight was diverted after a hoax alert was received by Lithuania and communicated to the airline. “This flight from Kaunas to […]

Ryanair Pulls Out Of Alitalia Race

Ryanair has announced its immediate withdrawal from the race to secure Alitalia following recent serious disruptions to its operations. The Irish LCC said in a statement issued on Wednesday, September 27, that in order to fully rectify the chaos caused by the re-rostering of flight crews’ leave, it had decided to remove all distractions to […]

Ryanair Crisis Continues, More Flights Are About To Be Cancelled

A NUMBER OF Ryanair pilots have rejected a cash bonus offer for them to work extra days this year and forego their holidays, and have threatened work to rule action. In a letter sent to management and seen the by the BBC and other outlets – a group representing staff at 17 of the company’s […]

Ryanair Drops Nose Wheel In London While Taking Off

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, performing a flight from London Stansted, EN (UK) to Copenhagen (Denmark) with 182 passengers and 6 crew, was climbing out of Stansted’s runway 22 when the crew stopped the climb at FL170 after ATC told them they had lost a wheel on departure. The crew decided to divert to East Midlands, EN […]

Ryanair To Cancel 40-50 Flights Daily To Improve Punctuality

Ryanair will cancel up to 50 flights a day over the next six weeks as it seeks to “improve its system-wide punctuality” which has fallen below 80% in the first two weeks of September.” Ryanair blamed air traffic control delays, strikes and weather disruptions as causes of delays outside its control. It is also in […]

Ryanair Eyes Up 90 Alitalia Planes And Their Routes

Ryanair’s Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, announced on Thursday, August 31, that the low-cost carrier intends to bid for 90 of Alitalia’s planes and associated routes. Although it has indicated that it intends to operate the planes with existing cabin crew and staff, some redundancies and aircraft lease restructuring will likely be required. Alitalia has been […]

Ryanair Eyes Up Purchase Of All Of Air Berlin

Ryanair CEO Ryan O’Leary has made it clear that subject to being provided with more information, and one major condition, Ryanair would be very interested in making a bid for the whole of the insolvent Air Berlin. He has indicated that obtaining additional data on the airline’s finances was critical. According to Mr. O’Leary, Ryanair […]

What Future For Airberlin Technik?

As Air Berlin slips into bankruptcy following the withdrawal of financial support from main shareholder Etihad, the fight over its carcass begins. Many expect Lufthansa to pick up a substantial part of the carrier’s airline business, based on reports emanating from the stricken carrier. “Negotiations with Lufthansa and other partners regarding the acquisition of business […]