Ryanair Cancel 70 Flights Due to French Strike

Photo: breakingnews.ie

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Ryanair has been forced to cancel over 70 flights today – to and over France – with delays expected to spill over into tomorrow.

This is the fifth French strike in two months and Ryanair has called on the European Commission to take action.

Customers travelling today are being urged to check the status of their flight before going to the airport.

Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs says there is a financial impact:

“The financial impact of this is passed to the airlines, there is EU legislation that we have to abide by which we don’t agree with that the cost to this customers are allowed seek compensation and that gets paid by the airlines which results in higher air fares across Europe.”

“That’s why this is all so farcical, so it is ridiculous the EU lets this go on.”

Source: breakingnews.ie