Ryanair Flight “With Fire on Board” Made Emergency Landing in France


Photo: experiencezen.com

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A Ryanair flight from Manchester did an emergency landing in France after a fire reportedly erupted on board.

The flight FR4052 took off at 6.33 pm yesterday and was due to land at around 9.30 pm in Faro, Portugal. But within an hour of departing, it had to descend, landing on the runway at Brest in France at around 7.21 pm. Fire trucks and police cars were on the runway before the plane landed, and passengers moved the terminal.

A message on Twitter states: ‘Ryanair FR4052 went down in emergency in Brest due to a fire outside the aircraft, all passengers got out on a bus taken by the French police.’

The passengers continued their journey to Faro on a different airplane.

Source: Twitter