Ryanair Is to Recruit 2,000 New Pilots


Photo: Photo: Skift

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Ryanair says it is going to recruit 2,000 pilots over the next three years. Having additional flight crews will be necessary as the industry’s recovery is imminent and the airline is healing from the Covid-19 impact.

The main trigger for a recruitment drive Ryanair has just announced is that the carrier is taking 210 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The new aircraft will partly replace the older jets and help Ryanair expand.

As Ryanair explains, it will prioritize creating opportunities for becoming captains for its existing first officers. Therefore, it will need a replacement for the progressing first officers. Besides, the airline will also be employing new cadet pilots who can grow into first officers and then captains making use of the available career progression scheme.

Commenting on the news, the airline’s People Director, Darrel Hughes, said,

“As we take delivery of more than 210 Boeing 737-8200 gamechanger aircraft, Ryanair will recruit 2,000+ pilots over the next 3 years to fill positions created by this growth. This is great news for experienced and aspiring pilots but also for our own pilots who will enjoy fast tracked promotions.”

Source: Ryanair