Ryanair Plans Hundreds of Pilot and Cabin Crew Job Cuts

Photo: Ryanair

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Ryanair, an Irish low-cost carrier, has warned about upcoming job cuts mainly amid falling earnings, delayed deliveries of still grounded Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and ongoing Brexit uncertainties.

Just recently Ryanair announced a 21% drop in quarterly earnings which happened due to higher fuel costs, faltering economies and a fare war.

Last month the carrier warned about disruptions in operations amid delays in deliveries of still grounded MAX aircraft. Ryanair has 200 of these planes on order. The first one was expected to join the fleet in April 2019.

While initially it was planned that by the summer 2020 the carrier will get 58 Boeing 737 MAX planes, now the airline expects no more than 30.  In response to Boeing crisis, Ryanair also said it will close some of its 83 bases across Europe and North Africa.

Thus, it is reasonable to expect some changes in personnel. With halted deliveries, closed bases and intense competition on the market, Ryanair is due to face the overstaffing problems.

According to FlightGlobal and Bloomberg reports on the airline’s video, as for now, the airline has an excess of more than 500 pilots and about 400 cabin crew. More details on job cuts the carrier will provide by the end of August.