Ryanair Reduces Some Baggage Fees

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Ryanair today (2 Jun) cut its checked-in bag fees for 92% of its 116m customers, and simplified the number of bag fee options (from 108 to 6), as part of Year 3 of its “Always Getting Better” (AGB) programme, which continues to improve the customer experience, through service, digital and inflight developments.

From today, customers on domestic flights under 2 hours will have their bag fees cut by 50%, while customers on all other flights under 3 hours will enjoy savings of up to 17%. Customers on flights over 3 hours will see no change to their checked bag fees.

Source: luchtzak.be
Source: luchtzak.be

Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs said:

“We’re pleased to cut bag fees for 92% of customers as part of our “Always Getting Better” programme with a streamlined range of just 6 bag fee options, as we continue to listen to our customers and improve the Ryanair experience for the 116m people we’ll carry this year.
Over 92% of our customers will enjoy reduced bag fees and will pay the same price for checking-in a bag whether bought at the time of the initial booking or added to the booking, regardless of seasonality. Furthermore, customers will also be able to add bags to their bookings via the Ryanair app up to 3 hours before their scheduled time of departure.These bag changes are in addition to our best-in-class cabin bag allowance, offering 2 free carry-on bags, and we’ll continue to offer the biggest and best choice of destinations, with the most on-time flights and a fantastic onboard experience, as we grow our fleet, traffic and routes – and all on the lowest fares.”

Source: luchtzak.be