Ryanair to Enter Turbulence Due to Ongoing Boeing 737 MAX Grounding?

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Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline, announced about possible disruptions in operations due to uncertainty over the future of the ongoing Boeing 737 MAX aircraft grounding.

Ryanair has 200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. The aircraft that has been grounded over the safety concerns since March, 2019, when the Ethiopian Airlines MAX fatally crashed taking the lives of 157.

When the aircraft will soar the sky again none knows. By September, 2019, Boeing is expected to submit its software updates to the regulatory institution. Then, the recertification process will follow. This might take up to two months. Correspondingly, the aircraft could be grounded until the end of this year. Following the most optimistic scenario.

Thus, the whole world is speculating the date the MAX will re-enter the service but none has the exact schedule. Airlines are reasonably frustrated by being forced to review their schedules, which contribute to various losses. Ryanair is among them.

By the summer 2020 Ryanair expected to receive 58 new planes. The airline planned its flight schedule accordingly, keeping in mind these numbers. Now, in turn, Ryanair could get only 30 of MAX aircraft until the summer 2020. Although the number might change depending on the date the 737 MAX returns to sky.

For this reason, the airline announced about upcoming disruptions in its operations as it is reviewing its performance and considering possible closure of underperforming or loss making bases.

Currently, the carrier anticipates flying 159 million passengers in the financial year March 2020 to March 2021, an increase of only five million additional passengers as opposed to the anticipated ten million.

Also, the carrier revealed it has too many pilots right now (nearly 300 over the necessity line). Although no radical actions are taken, the airline said the situation could get even worse, depending on the MAX situation.