Ryanair Will Start Deploying Boeing 737 MAX in the UK

Photo: Sergio Rojo / shutterstock.com

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According to Ryanair’s CEO Eddie Wilson’s comment on Newstalk radio on Thursday, Ryanair will be launching its Boeing 737 MAX in the UK market.

“We will be deploying those probably initially in the UK,” said Eddie Wilson.

During the interview, he also added that, in his view, Ireland is too slow on the vaccine roll-out. Although many people have found recent Ryanair’s “jab-and-go” ad misleading and offensive, Eddie Wilson disagrees with such opinions. He defended the ad’s content saying the vaccines are indeed underway, which will prompt travel to reopen soon.

The airline is awaiting delivery of around 30 737 MAX aircraft by summer. The total number of all-time Ryanair’s 737 MAX orders reaches 210.

737 MAX has been cleared to fly again in the US, Mexico, and Brazil. EASA is yet to officially bring 737 MAX to the European skies by the end of January.

Source: Reuters