Ryanair’s Post-Covid-19 Recovery Continues


Photo: Tobias Arhelger / shutterstock.com

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Ryanair said it flew 10.6 million passengers in September, whereas it carried 5.2 million passengers the same month last year.

In August this year, however, the carrier moved 11.1 million passengers. While not up to the airline’s summer standards, the month outperformed many pre-COVID-19 winter months.

Ryanair’s overall results are far better than its rival airline’s Wizz Air. Wizz Air reported that it carried under 3 million passengers across the key airline and its subsidiaries for the same month and reached a load factor of 78.4%. Ryanair’s load factor was slightly above 81%.

Ryanair is also launching a crew recruitment process in the UK. It expects to recruit 200 new cabin crew members in the country.

Source: https://www.rte.ie/