Wizz Air Slashing Compliance Management Time Dramatically

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Wizz Air recently chose Flydocs software for its data and records solution. One advantage was that Flydocs has advanced interfaces with Swiss-AS’s AMOS MRO software, which Wizz Air also uses.

Chief Marketing Officer Jen Adams says Flydocs now has more than 40 customers globally, including about 30 airlines, plus lessors, shops and manufacturers. While most customers so far have been carriers, the firm is seeing significant growth among other segments.

Adams says Flydocs offers much more advanced functions than other aircraft record-management platforms. Its high degree of automation dramatically reduces time and resources for record management. The solution works with modern fleets and, uniquely, can transition aircraft among operators entirely without paper, “the only platform in the world capable of doing so.”

Adams says Flydocs is also unique in helping its customers with scanning and migrating documents, building records and the continuing management of aircraft records.

A high adoption rate among client staff means customers are fully exploiting the system. “This is because the system is so intuitive and we partner with customers for implementation and support.

Adams says Wizz Air will have Flydocs software up and running in a few hours. Back-to-birth scanning of records and data migration for a fleet of over 70 aircraft will take longer, a few months. AMOS can then automatically insert all relevant maintenance data into Flydocs, which will automatically build compliance documentation in near real-time. The airline will have fully digitized, end-to-end, aircraft-compliance management. Adams estimates this will cut the time to manage aircraft compliance by 80%, saving possibly millions of dollars per year.

Adams insists Flydocs can quickly interface with any maintenance software. “We already have many live data feeds with users of Trax, Maintenix, SAP, Ultramain and many more.”

Source: mro-network.com