Superjet 100 and MC-21 May Be United under Single Brand

Photo: Yulia Kuzmina

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Russian SSJ-100 and MC-21 planes may be united under common brand, President of the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) Alexander Rubtsov told at the Eurasia Airshow-2018.

“It’s quite probable that we will make a transition to a single brand. I do not rule out it will be either MC or any other derivative. We will probably announce a contest soon for the best name of the united brand for our civil aircraft,” the top manager said.

The SCAC may provide up to 40 such planes seating 75 for the Defense Ministry and another ten for the Special Flight Detachment Rossiya, he went on.

“Potentially we have an order from the Special Flight Detachment Rossiya for ten planes, and another from the Defense Ministry for 30 to 40 planes. All likely contracts with the Emergencies Ministry are in the discussion phase. It is against the rules for concluding framework contracts with law enforcement agencies, because there is a federal law that sets serious contest procedures for providers to go through,” he said.

Rubtsov speculated that planes might begin to be delivered starting from 2023. “Our plan is by 2022 we will be through with creating experimental samples. Deliveries to the law enforcement agencies and the Special Flight Detachment will be made as of 2023, and commercial sales are due in 2024-2025,” he said.