Swiss B777 Engine Automatically Shut Down In Flight

Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS / HO - Frank Reardon

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A Swiss Global Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration HB-JND performing flight LX-40 from Zurich (Switzerland) to Los Angeles,CA (USA), was enroute at FL320 about 290nm north of Iqaluit,NU (Canada), when the left hand engine (GE90) showed a fault and shut down automatically.

The flight crew drifted the aircraft down and diverted to Iqaluit for a safe landing about 100 minutes later.

The airline confirmed an indication of a fault of the left hand engine caused an automatic shutdown of the engine, as had been technically designed.

The flight crew decided to divert to Iqaluit where the aircraft landed safely. The airline is currently working to take the passengers to Los Angeles.