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Navy F-35C Pilots Test New High-Tech Helmet

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Navy has been training with and testing high-tech adjustments to the stealthy carrier-launched F-35C’s Helmet Mounted Display to better enable targeting, sensor data viewing and pilot awareness of flight information such as airspeed, heading and altitude, service and industry developers explained. Development and operational pilot training of the aircraft is underway after four F-35C […]

American Fighter Jet Goes Down Off Coast of Southern Japan

Reading Time: < 1 minute The F/A-18 Hornet was stationed at the Iwakuni base in the Yamaguchi prefecture and is understood to have gone down at 6pm local time yesterday off the southern Kochi Prefecture. Initial reports from the Japanese Defence Ministry said the lone pilot and ejected from the fighter jet and survived the crash. According to the Kochi […]