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End of the Tupolev 204 Passenger Aircraft Era in Russia

Reading Time: 3 minutes Russia’s airlines have reached the end of the runway with regard to operating passenger versions of the Tupolev Tu-204 mid-haul airliner, a period which lasted 23 years. The history of the type proved much shorter than its famous predecessors – the Tu-134 was in operation for 53 years and the Tu-154 is still flying and […]

Red Wings Scraps its Airbus A220 Order and Retires its Tupolev Tu-204s

Reading Time: 3 minutes Red Wings, Russia’s only potential airline customer for the Airbus A220-300, has abandoned its plans to lease these aircraft types whilst, as part of a new fleet development strategy, the airline has also decided to retire its Tupolev Tu-204s and concentrate instead on operating Airbus A320-family aircraft until the arrival of Russia’s new-generation MC-21 narrow-body […]

Tupolev to Finish Pre-Draft of Supersonic Passenger Aircraft

Reading Time: 2 minutes Valery Solozobov, deputy director general for design and R&D at Tupolev, has told Sputnik that the company is working on its new supersonic plane design with leading Russian scientific institutes in the fields of aircraft materials, engine design, and aero/hydrodynamics. According to the official, further work will include studies on how to reduce sound exposure […]

Russia Plans To Stop Using Tu-154, Tu-134, Il-62M Aircraft

Reading Time: 2 minutes Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has issued instructions to study the possibility of replacing the Tupolev Tu-154, Tu-134 and Ilyushin Il-62M passenger planes by new Russian counterparts, Kommersant daily writes on Friday citing sources close to the Russian Defense Ministry and air carriers’ management teams. “Consultations are now underway with the industry to select the […]

Five Russian Weapons Which Made Their Deadly Debut in Syria

Reading Time: 3 minutes Russia’s ongoing airborne campaign in Syria wouldn’t have been such a game changer without the help of some of the country’s most sophisticated weapons. The Sukhoi Su-34 strike fighter, adopted by the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2015, has been deployed against the radical Islamists in Syria from the beginning of Russia’s anti-Daesh campaign there. In […]