Turkish Airlines A321 Overran Runway On Landing In Bucharest

Photo: boardingpass.ro

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Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 performing flight TK-1045 from Istanbul to Bucharest Otopeni with 176 people on board, landed on Otopeni’s runway 26R but overran the displaced end of the runway by about 50 meters before coming to a stop.

There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained minor if any damage, one temporary runway end/threshold light was destroyed.

The runway was closed for about 4 hours.

The last section of runway 26R is currently closed for reconstruction works starting Jun 22nd 2017, see AIP SUP 3/2017 below.

There is no direct reference of a shortened runway in the NOTAMs or regular AIRAC cycle, which continue to show the runway length at 3500 meters. The NOTAM only contain a “Trigger NOTAM” to reference AIP SUP 3/2017 indicating work in progress.

@ AVH / Google Earth

There is no indication of such work in progress prior to Jun 22nd 2017, no other AIP SUP supplement has been released for Otopeni Airport. However, the Satellite Image of May 18th 2017 already shows the displaced threshold fully painted and the first section of runway 08L/last section of runway 26R crossed out.

Source: avherald.com