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India, Russia Have Finalised Agreement To Produce Ka-226T Helicopters

India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Russian defence firms have finalised the Joint Venture agreement to produce light weight multi-role ‘Kamov 226T’ helicopters in India. The document is awaiting formal registration with relevant bodies in the respective countries which is likely to take another “month or two”, a top Russian defence executive was quoted as saying […]

Second Lockheed Martin T-50A Takes Flight

Two Lockheed Martin T-50A aircraft are now soaring together in the skies over Greenville, South Carolina. The inaugural Feb. 20 flight of the second production-ready T-50A from Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Pilot Training (APT) operations center in Greenville further demonstrates the company’s established, lowest-risk offering in the U.S. Air Force’s T-X competition. In February 2016, Lockheed […]

Poland Speeds Acquisition of 16 Helicopters

Poland has begun negotiations with three bidders as it looks to acquire 16 helicopters – eight for special forces missions and eight for anti-submarine warfare and maritime search and rescue operations. The defence ministry in Warsaw says it has “invited the bidders” – thought to be Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters and Sikorsky – to submit […]

Russia Has Stopped Production Of Su-25

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has stopped production of Su-25 ground attack aircraft, reported. Russia stopped mass production of Su-25 ground attack aircraft, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said on 7 February. The light attack aircraft based on Yak-130 will submit a potential replacement for the Su-25 series. The new aircraft will be […]

Watch German Typhoons Intercept a Jet Airways 777 Over Cologne

When passenger aircraft go unresponsive and they don’t communicate with air traffic controllers, especially in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the United States, defense officials get worried, and understandably so. The typical response is usually a pair of fighter aircraft, armed with a light air-to-air combat payload. In this video, you’ll get to […]

US and Russia World’s Largest Exporters of Weapons in 2012-2016

The United States and Russia maintain their leading positions in exports of major weapons during the period of 2012-2016 jointly amounting to 56 percent of global arms exports, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said. According to SIPRI, the United States continued to be the leader in global arms exports over the last five years […]

NATO, Russia Agree on Transponders Use on Flights Over Baltics

Russia and NATO have had certain success in resolving disagreements over the use of transponders during military flights over the Baltic Sea, Russian envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko said. “Have you heard anything about transponders over the past month? Nobody hears anything anymore because agreements allowing partial settlement of these problems have been achieved within […]

Watch RAF Typhoons Fly Close To Russian Aircraft Carrier

A British warship, Royal Navy frigate HMS St Albans, along with 3 RAF Typhoons have shadowed the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and its battle group as they passed by the UK on Jan. 24. The Russian carrier and her battle group (the Pyotr Velikiy, a nuclear-powered Kirov-class battlecruiser and a salvage tug) are returning home […]

US State Department Approves $1.8 Billion In Arms Deals

The US State Department has inked $1.8 billion in arms deals for the UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Kenya this week, including air-to-air missiles and threat detection systems. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced the approved the deals 23 January. The foreign military sales are pending Congressional approval. Much of the money is directed toward […]

World’s Most Promising 5th Generation Fighter Jets

The current world situation makes every country consider its ability to confront a military threat posed by modern weapons. These days the F-22, T-50 PAK FA or J-20 stealth fighter jets, high technology weapons with a diverse range of sophisticated precision guided munition, are the key to the successful military campaigns. The 5th generation fighter […]