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The Birthplace of New Russian Strategic Bombers

An aircraft factory in Kazan is expected to become the birthplace of a new generation of Russian Tu-160 long-range supersonic bomber aircraft known throughout the world as the White Swan. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has confirmed that the assembly of the new supersonic heavy strategic bombers will be taking place at an aircraft […]

F-35As Deploy to Estonia For the First Time

Two F-35A Lightning II aircraft and approximately 20 supporting Airmen arrived at Ämari Air Base, Estonia, today, from RAF Lakenheath, England. The F-35As are participating in their first-ever training deployment to Europe. The aircraft and total force Airmen and are from the 34th Fighter Squadron, 388th Fighter Wing, and the Air Force Reserve’s 466th Fighter […]

Second Boeing T-X Aircraft Takes Flight

Boeing and partner Saab have completed the first flight of their second production-ready T-X aircraft, which is identical to the first and designed specifically for the U.S. Air Force advanced pilot training requirement. During the one-hour flight, lead T-X Test Pilot Steve Schmidt and Boeing Test Pilot for Air Force Programs Matt Giese validated key […]

Russia Negotiating Supplies of Su-35 Fighter Jets to UAE

Russia is negotiating the delivery of a few tens of Su-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said Thursday, TASS reported. “The talks are underway, though you can imagine that it takes time to implement the task of (supplying) a few tens of jets,” he said. Manturov added […]

U.S. Air Force Authorises Extended Life For F-16

The F-16 Falcon will live to fight another day, or at least another 4,000 hours, according to the US Air Force and Lockheed Martin. The USAF authorized extending the F-16’s service life from its original 8,000 flight hours to 12,000 flight hours, a 12 April Lockheed release states. After performing SLEP modifications, the service will […]

Russian MP Denies Spying on US Via Glonass

A senior Russian lawmaker disproved media allegations of Moscow spying on US citizens via the Glonass satellite navigation station. Media claims of Russian surveillance of US citizens from Nicaragua with the use of the Glonass satellite navigation station is absurd, senior Russian lawmaker Vladimir Shamanov told Sputnik on Monday. “All of this is absurd and […]

Eurofighter Delivers 500th Typhoon

Eurofighter has delivered to the Italian air force its 500th Typhoon, 14 years after it handed over the first example to the UK Royal Air Force. The aircraft will become operational at the end of April, following an acceptance flight by Eurofighter and a number of key assessments by the customer. “The delivery of the […]

Syrian Sha’irat Airbase Heavily Damaged After US Strike

The Ash Sha’irat military airfield near Homs in Syria has been destroyed and its aircraft damaged in US missile strikes, the airfield staffer told. Syrian television reports that flames continue to engulf the airfield following the attack. “All aircraft located there have been damaged, you can say it is completely destroyed,” the staffer said. The […]

Russian Yak-130 Appears To Be Training Aircraft Choice For Vietnam

The Vietnam People’s Air Force (VPAF) is shopping for a new training jet and it appears they are going to purchase the Russian Yak-130. The Yak-130 first flew in 1996 and has been marketed as a light attack aircraft. “We have been equipping ourselves with state-of-the-art fighters in recent years, but our training system still […]

US Navy Temporarily Grounds T-45 Fleet

The US Navy has ordered a three-day grounding of its T-45 Goshawk trainer jets while US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIRNAVAIR) looks for ways to correct persistent oxygen issues on the aircraft. The Navy canceled about 40% of its T-45 flights 31 March at its training commands in Mississippi, Florida and Texas after pilots expressed […]