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Boeing-Saab T-X Trainer Jet Will Soon Soar in First Flight

After completing nearly 1,200 test points, the Boeing-Saab T-X training jet is on pace to make its first flight before the end of the year. The T-X trainer finished up its afterburner engine tests last week, Defense News reports, and just a few substantial tests stand between now and the plane’s inaugural flight. Next, the […]

Russian Navy Gets Advanced Su-30SM Fighters

Russia’s naval aviation has received a batch of advanced Su-30SM (Flanker-C) multirole fighter jets, Navy spokesman Igor Drygalo said. Su-30SM are air superiority jets of the 4++ generation that combine functions of a fighter and a bomber. They are produced in Irkutsk in southern Siberia. “The handover ceremony took place at the airfield of the […]

Switzerland to Procure New Fighter Aircraft

Switzerland has requested CHF10 million to support replacement of its fighter aircraft and keep some of its current combat inventory active for longer than previously intended, the country said. Swiss voters rejected a proposed acquisition of 22 Saab Gripens in 2014, but in February 2016, Bern indicated that it would initiate a second attempt to […]

The Helmet That Gives Air Force Pilots X-Ray Vision

When Major Will Andreotta began flying for the Air Force in 2006, he had to do a lot of work. He was training on the F-16, a fighter jet first deployed in 1978, and almost everything was analog. “I would tell my wingman to target something, then call over: ‘Confirm your this, because I’m seeing […]

France Promises 50 Years of Support to Indian Rafale Jets

The most eye catching detail about the Rafael deal disclosed in the Indian Parliament was product support to the 36 combat jets for 50 years. The Indian Government on Tuesday disclosed some details of the $ 8.85 billion deal to purchase French combat aircraft. Among them is a promise by French company Dassault Aviation to […]

​Lockheed Awarded $1.2 Billion For Korean F-16 Upgrades

After a lengthy negotiating process, the South Korean government awarded a $1.2 billion contract to upgrade 134 Lockheed Martin F-16C/Ds to the F-16V standard. The award comes more 16 months after the US State Department cleared South Korea to purchase the upgrade package, which includes the Northrop Grumman APG-81 Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR), new […]

Watch a Su-33 Blast Off From Admiral Kuznetsov in 360 Video

A video, produced by RT, offers you a unique opportunity to watch a Sukhoi Su-33 multirole fighter take off from the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, the flagship of the Russian Navy. Shot using a panoramic camera, it provides 360-degree visibility for a truly immersive experience. The spherical video shows a flight crew hauling a Su-33 […]

U.S. Air Force Has to Be Concerned About Pilot Shortage

The loss of highly trained and experienced pilots from the U.S. military to the private sector is a legitimate worry for Pentagon leaders, the Defense Department’s top civilian said. “It is something we have to be concerned about,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said on Wednesday during a stopover at this installation. The problem is particularly […]

US Approves $1Bln Predator Drones Sale to UK

US Defense Security Cooperation Agency said that the US Department of State has approved a possible $1 billion sale of Predator drones, equipment, training and support to the United Kingdom. The US Department of State has approved a possible $1 billion sale of Predator drones, equipment, training and support to the United Kingdom, the US […]

India to Test Own Drone to Avoid US, Israeli Makes

India’s state-owned defense research company is about to test a medium altitude long endurance drone. Its success could make the Indian military market for drones out of bounds for US and Israeli companies. The test flight of India’s indigenous military drone named after a medieval Iranian king will determine whether the Indian market will still […]