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SaM146 Powered Be-200: New Details Revealed

Reading Time: 1 minute Re-engined with PowerJet SaM 146 turbofans, Russia’s Beriev Be-200 amphibian is scheduled to make its maiden flight in March 2020, with Russian certification delayed until November 2021. The first of several new engines for the programme will be supplied in December 2019. The project leaders are hoping to eventually win type certification from Europe’s EASA […]

Turbulence Injures 2 Flight Attendants on UTair Boeing 737 Flight

Reading Time: 1 minute A UTair Boeing 737-500, performing flight from Moscow Vnukovo to Surgut (Russia), experienced turbulence, two cabin crew members were injured.  Aircraft was descending towards Surgut when the aircraft entered a zone of turbulence causing injuries to two flight attendants. The aircraft continued for a safe landing in Surgut. The two injured flight attendants were taken […]

Yakutia Airlines Boeing 737 Rejected Take-off After Tailstrike

Reading Time: 1 minute A Yakutia Airlines Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Neryungri to Krasnojarsk (Russia) with 119 passengers and 6 crew, rejected take-off after tailstrike. Aircraft was accelerating for take-off from Neryungri’s runway 26 when the crew rejected take-off at low speed (about 60 knots over ground) after the tail of the aircraft contacted the runway surface. The aircraft […]

Prior Preparation – a Key to Healthy Pilot Life

Reading Time: 4 minutes Each industry has its own health risks that we need to be aware of. However, we all can take the necessary precautions in order to minimize or to avoid those risks. In the aviation industry, pilots face a number of physical problems. Good news is that most of pilots’ health problems can be reduced with […]

Belavia Boeing 737 Damages Runway Lights

Reading Time: 1 minute A Belavia Boeing 737-500, performing flight from Minsk (Belarus) to Kiev (Ukraine), damaged runway lights and right engine cowl on landing. Aircraft landed on Kiev’s runway 18L at 18:08L (16:08Z) and taxied to the apron. A post flight inspection showed a dent in the right hand engine inlet, substantial damage to as well as grass embedded […]

Flying Big: To Be a Wide-Body Aircraft Pilot or Not?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Enormous wide-body aircraft take everyone’s attention at the airport. Even pilots are impressed by their size. The majority of them have been dreaming of becoming captains of the wide-body aircraft since they started studying at aviation academy or even before that. The growing demand for passenger flights leads airlines to expand their fleet with the […]

Sheremetyevo’s Third Runway to be Operational in 2019

Reading Time: 1 minute The board of directors of Sheremetyevo (SVO) has approved Russia’s largest airport’s development roadmap for the period until 2024. The new schedule still confirms plans to launch its key element – the opening of a third runway in 2019 –which will raise the facility’s total hourly throughput from the current 55 to 90 aircraft movements. […]

Fuselage of MC-21-300 Aircraft Delivered to Zhukovsky

Reading Time: 1 minute The fuselage of the MC-21-300 aircraft, designed for endurance tests, was delivered to the Ramenskoye airfield (the city of Zhukovsky) from the airfield of Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of Irkut Corporation (part of the UAC). Specialists of the Corporation together with employees of enterprises participating in cooperation and TsAGI staff will assemble the MC-21-300 […]

Flydubai Boeing 737 Commences Take-off Without Clearance

Reading Time: 1 minute A Flydubai Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), commenced takeoff without clearance and rejected. Aircraft commenced takeoff from runway 06R without take-off clearance, tower instructed the aircraft to reject takeoff, the crew complied and rejected take-off. The aircraft vacated the runway about 1700 meters/5700 feet down the runway and […]

Superjet 100 Loses its Sukhoi Nametag

Reading Time: 1 minute Russia’s Irkut Corporation, producer of the country’s MC-21 advanced airliner, has been handed full control of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) after receiving all of SCAC’s shares. SCAC was previously fully owned by Sukhoi Company and the change of ownership is part of an overall plan to create a fully-fledged, autonomous commercial aviation division under […]