Aeroflot SSJ100 Fatal Landing: Charges Pressed Against Captain


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A commander of the crash-landed Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft RRJ-95B in May, 2019, was charged for the fatal landing at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, said the statement of Investigative Committee of Russia.

The SSJ100 was heading from Moscow to Murmansk. During the climb the aircraft was struck by lightening and reported going back to the airport of departure for an emergency landing. Upon landing, the plane bounced heavily on the runway, correspondingly, igniting spilled fuel when the landing-gear collapsed.

As a consequence, Denis Evdokimov is accused of violating the “rules for traffic safety and operation of air transport” which, as a result of negligence, caused two or more fatalities. In this case, 41 fatality out of 78 people on board.

The accident is still under investigation. During the initial reports released after the crash-lading, the Investigative Committee of Russia announced that as possible reasons were considered the following: poor qualification of pilots, dispatchers and the personnel who performed technical check of the plane; aircraft malfunction and bad weather conditions.