Egypt Air Boeing 777 and Virgin Airbus A330 Minor Collision at JFK

Photo: Twitter / PAPD911

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An EgyptAir Boeing 777 and a Virgin Atlantic A330-300 suffered a collison. The two aircraft clipped wings while taxiing at JFK Airport, New York.

An EgyptAir spokesperson said: “The Flight MS 986, a Boeing 777, was moving on Taxiway Kilo at the airport when its right wing slightly touched the left wing of Virgin Atlantic Airlines Flight 4C, an Airbus A333.

The plane was returned to Terminal 4 and passengers are being hosted at a neighboring hotel until they board the next flight to Cairo tonight from JFK Airport.”

Virgin reported that both aircraft were taxiing for departure when they collided. “The horizontal stabilizer of the 777 clipped the A330’s winglet. No injuries” the British airline tweeted.