Southwest Boeing 737 Engine Shuts Down In Flight Near Nashville

Photo: Kentaro IEMOTO

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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 performing flight from Philadelphia to Nashville was enroute about to begin the descent into Nashville when an engine emitted a loud bang, streaks of flames and sparks prompting the crew to shut the engine down.

Descending towards Nashville the controllers asked whether they were a divert, the crew advised Nashville was their intended destination, they had “just” lost an engine enroute. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Nashville’s runway 20L and taxied to the apron requesting the emergency services to follow them to the gate.

A passenger reported there was a loud bang and streaks of blue/orange flames that turned into orange sparks. The crew subsequently announced they had lost an engine but were fine to reach Nashville.

The occurrence aircraft was unable to continue its schedule, a replacement aircraft continued the next sectors of flight 362. The aircraft remained on the ground for about 26 hours, then returned to service.