Sukhoi SSJ100 Can Be Grounded only by Aviation Authorities

Photo: epa/vostock-photo

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After fatal emergency landing of Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100, which resulted in the aircraft bursting into flames on 5 May, 2019, citizens started signing a petition in favour of the suspension of SSJ100 operations, TASS reports. Reportedly, currently there are over 140,000 signatures.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the Kremlin is aware of the reports. Nevertheless, that the decision on suspension could be considered and taken only in case of the matter is raised by appropriate aviation authorities who are competent to do it, not citizens.

Earlier was also cited Russia’s transport minister saying that there was no reason to ground SSJ100 fleet. The investigation into the accident has been launched and no official reasons have been released, yet.

Although all the circumstances are not clearly known, as for now it is believed that the aircraft took of from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, during the climb was hit by lightening which caused troubles with communication and the crew, reporting malfunctions, went for emergency landing at the airport of departure short after take-off.

The landing was performed on the second approach, however, the plane was too heavy to land with full fuel tanks, it several times bounced on the runway and burst into flames when the engines touched the surface of the runway.

Why did it happen, why the pilots decided to land is not know yet. “Black boxes” were successfully retrieved, thus the preliminary causes should follow shortly.

The wish of flying public to ground the SSJ100 fleet reminds a bit of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft situation, when the global fleet of MAX planes was grounded amid two fatal accidents which claimed the lives of 346 people. The recent one of Sukhoi took the lives of 41 people out of 78 who were on board.