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Iran Aseman ATR 72 Crash: Human Error?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran investigating the crash of Iran Aseman ATR 72-212 has released  an interim report on the causes of the fatal accident, which took the lives of 60 passengers as well as 6 crew members on 18 February 2018. According to the document, many causes contributed to the crash, […]

Indian Passengers Sue Boeing Over 2016 Emirates Crash

Reading Time: < 1 minute Indian passengers have sued Boeing in a US court over the ill-fated Emirates B777 that crashed at Dubai Airport last year, according to a report by the Indian Express. The suit, filed in Illinois’ Cook County Circuit Court, charges the manufacturer with a security switch in the aircraft’s electronics system that the passengers say did […]

Cavok AN74 Overruns The Runway Due To Flock Of Birds

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Cavok Air Antonov AN-74TK-100 was performing a flight from Sao Tome to an unknown destination, when the right hand engine ingested a number of birds prompting the crew to reject takeoff. The aircraft overran the end of the runway and went down a slope before coming to a stop on soft ground. Five crew […]

What Do You Know About the Evolution of Full Flight Simulators?

Reading Time: 7 minutes As experienced pilots and instructors say, the sense of flight is unnatural for a human being. Therefore, the methods of pilot training have been relevant since the appearance of the first aircraft. Nowadays, flight simulation is critical to the operation of civil and military aircraft organisations. Much of training previously done in aircraft now is […]

Flight Data Recorder Evolution: Where Next?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Flight data recorder technology has evolved considerably over time. It began in the 1950s and 1960s with devices that relied on metal foil and recorded just a few flight parameters. Next came the addition of cockpit voice recording and, in time, the introduction of magnetic tape, followed by digital solid-state flight recorders in the 1980s […]