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Leisure Carriers Urge Improved Aviation Policies

Reading Time: 2 minutes A group of European leisure airlines has called for tight limits on European Union (EU) aviation infrastructure charges and controls on organizations that hold monopoly positions in the industry. Airlines International Representation in Europe (AIRE) director-general Sylviane Lust told EU transport commissioner Violeta Bulc in a Nov. 23 meeting that urgent improvements were needed in […]

DOT Cancels AOC for Eastern Air Lines

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Department of Transportation (DOT) has canceled Eastern Air Lines’ air operator’s certificate (AOC), thus bringing to close a long-running—and some say, quixotic—attempt to revive a name storied in aviation history. DOT, in an order dated Nov. 20, said it would “cancel the certificate authority issued to Eastern Air Lines Group Inc., authorizing it to […]

FAA Updates EFB Guidance, Introduces Greater Flexibility

Reading Time: < 1 minute FAA, responding to industry input seeking both harmonization with international standards and simplification for operators, has released a major update of its electronic flight bag (EFB) guidance for operators. The new Advisory Circular (AC), 120-76D replaces one issued just three years ago. But the pace of technology is evident in the new AC’s content. The […]

FAA Will Require Newly Designed Aircraft to Be Quieter

Reading Time: < 1 minute Beginning in January 1, 2018, the FAA will require newly designed aircraft to be quieter which will help toward lowering noise around airports and surrounding communities. Called “Stage 5 Airplane Noise Standards,” this FAA rule ensures that the latest available noise reduction technology is incorporated into new aircraft designs. As a result, new airplane type […]

Passenger Airport Charges Double in 10 Years

Reading Time: 2 minutes The International Air Transport Association (IATA) calls on the European Union to significantly strengthen economic regulation of major European airport monopolies by focusing on the interests of passengers. Enforcing greater cost-efficiency at Europe’s airports will feed through into cheaper air fares, stimulate travel and enhance European competitiveness. In turn, this will support jobs and grow […]

Frontier Fined $1.5 Million For Denver Tarmac Delays

Reading Time: 2 minutes The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has fined Frontier Airlines (F9, Denver Int’l) USD1.5 million for lengthy tarmac delays following a snowstorm in Denver Int’l last December. Of the total fine, the DOT has waived USD900,000 because of compensation already paid by the airline to passengers. Under DOT regulations, aircraft with more than 30 passenger […]

A4A And IATA Launch Global Baggage Tracking Campaign

Reading Time: 2 minutes A year-long campaign has been launched by Airlines for America (A4A) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with a view to increasing baggage handling operations and reducing the number of mishandled bags. Approximately 4 billion bags are carried by airlines on an annual global basis, with 0.43 percent failing to arrive with their owners. […]

Last Middle East Airline Cleared From Laptop Ban

Reading Time: < 1 minute The TSA has said Saudia Airlines passengers flying from Jeddah to the US can use laptops on board, clearing it the last remaining Middle East airline to be affected by the laptop ban. The notice applies only to passengers flying from Jeddah airport the TSA clarified on Twitter; there is no notification concerning passengers flying […]

COMAC To Get ARJ21 Production Certificate This Week

Reading Time: < 1 minute COMAC is close to securing the production certificate for its ARJ21 regional jet, sources say. The manufacturer has completed all necessary work and met the requirements. A final evaluation by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has also been completed. The Chinese manufacturer is scheduled to be awarded the production certificate in a ceremony […]

Emirates And Etihad To End A Laptop Ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes UAE airlines Emirates and Etihad Airway say they will work with US authorities on implementing new security instructions that could lead to an end of the current laptop ban. As part of the new measures, the US government will impose broad new demands for increased airport security on flights to America from other countries in […]