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Emirates Loses Case of EU Delay Compensation

The UK Court of Appeal has found that Emirates (EK, Dubai Int’l) is liable to pay compensation to passengers in line with EU regulations for flight delays. Emirates had argued that it was not covered by the legislation, as a non-EU carrier, however, the court has found that non-EU airlines must comply with the rules […]

How And Why Airlines Sell You Tickets That Do Not Exist?

According to ABC News, in 2016, 46 000 US travelers were bumped from flights. In Britain, even more, 50 000 passengers were asked to leave the plane the same year. Many airlines worldwide deliberately overbook their flights for economic reasons ruining thousands vacation and business plans. Airlines do everything to maximize profit by selling extra […]

Germany Seeks Further 12.7 Million Euros from Airbus for A400M Delays

According to Reuters, Germany’s defence ministry said it is asking for 12.7 million euros in damages from Airbus Group SE for delays in the delivery of a fourth A400M military transport plane that it received last month. “The German military has claimed the full 12.7 million euros in compensation that were contractually negotiated for delays […]