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Iranian Plane Deals Overshadowed by U.S. Visa Row

Reading Time: < 1 minute Foreign investment in Iran is likely to have been weakened in light of President Trumps decision to ban the issuing of visas for nationals of seven mainly Muslim countries which may also slow down the implementation of existing plane deals agreed with both Boeing and Airbus, and Iran. Airbus’ problems exists because of the volume […]

Emirates Changes Pilot, Crew Rosters on US Flights After Trump Order

Reading Time: 3 minutes Emirates airline has changed pilot and flight attendant rosters on flights to the United States following the sudden US travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, highlighting the challenges facing airlines trying to deal with the new rules. The world’s largest long-haul carrier, which flies daily to 11 US cities, has made “the necessary adjustments to […]

Dubai Airport: ‘Handful’ of Passengers Sent Back at After Trump Ban

Reading Time: < 1 minute A “handful of people” have been stopped from flying to the United States from Dubai International Airport following a US travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, the airport operator’s chief executive told Reuters on Monday. “The effect has been very minimal at the moment. We don’t have the exact figures but literally a handful of […]

Trump Promises Changes to ‘Out of Control’ F-35 Program

Reading Time: 2 minutes After campaigning to reduce wasteful government spending, US President-elect Donald Trump announced that he is poised to modify the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, on the same day that Israel was supposed to receive its first two F-35 fighters. ​The markets quickly responded to Trump’s post-midnight tweet, causing Lockheed Martin’s shares to tumble during morning […]

DJI Refuses to Unlock Drone, Apple Offers Support

Reading Time: 2 minutes As the FBI’s fight with Apple over unlocking the iPhone belonging to suspected terrorists dies down, a new battle has broken out: the FBI has now ordered drone manufacturer DJI to unlock a Phantom 3 drone downed at 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s private headquarters in Florida. DJI has refused to unlock the drone for […]