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Wright Brothers: From Bicycles to World’s First Successful Flight

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before aviation has changed our lives and shaped the way we perceive air connection, a truly countless number of experiments was carried out, including the first successful flight of an aircraft completed over a century ago. This day in aviation, 17 December, is all about aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright. In 1903 these two […]

TOP 10 Names in Aviation You Must be Aware Of

Reading Time: 5 minutes Every self-respecting aviation enthusiast must know the names of people who created the industry. These are the people who became pioneers of aviation. They are the reason the history of aviation began. Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier It’s difficult to determine who the first man to fly truly was. Although this question raises a lot of […]

Aviation Engines Past, Present and Future

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the performance of aircraft has increased, the requirements of their engines have also increased. The first aircraft had gasoline engines with pistons and carburetors, current aircraft are powered by jet engines, and new experimental engines might bedriven by ramjet and scramjet technology. The First Aircraft Engine The 1903 “Wright Brothers Flyer” was powered by […]