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Captain of Montenegro Airlines Fokker 100 Becomes Incapacitated

Reading Time: 1 minute A Montenegro Airlines Fokker 100, registration 4O-AOM performing flight YM-610 from Tivat (Montenegro) to Moscow Domodedovo (Russia) with 85 passengers and 5 crew, was descending towards Moscow when the captain felt sick and became unconscious. The first officer took control of the aircraft and diverted the aircraft to Kaluga (Russia), about 70nm southwest of Moscow […]

Martinair Boeing 747 Loses a Part of Flaps On Approach

Reading Time: 1 minute A Martinair Boeing 747-400, was on approach to Harare’s runway 05, when a part of the flaps dropped from the aircraft and fell into the neighbourhood of Chitungwiza, about 3nm south of the aerodrome. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 05. The airline reported the aircraft lost part of a flap. The […]

Lufthansa Airbus A320 Receives a Bird Strike

Reading Time: 1 minute A Lufthansa Airbus A320-200N, registration D-AINQ performing flight LH-828 from Frankfurt/Main (Germany) to Copenhagen (Denmark), landed on Copenhagen’s runway 22L but received a bird strike. The aircraft taxied to the apron. A passenger booked onto the return flight LH-829 reported the captain announced the aircraft received a bird strike on the inbound flight. The captain […]

Spicejet Boeing 737 Overruns Runway on Landing

Reading Time: 1 minute A Spicejet Boeing 737-800, registration VT-SYK performing flight SG-6237 from Jaipur to Mumbai (India), landed on Mumbai’s runway 27 at about 23:51L (18:21Z) in heavy rain but overran the end of the runway at about 80 knots over ground and came to a stop about 160 meters past the runway end with the nose gear […]

Pilot error caused Saratov Airlines An-148 crash investigation finds

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has published its final investigation report of Russia’s Saratov Airlines Antonov An-148 crash in the Moscow region in February 2018 (Flight 703), categorising the accident as loss of inflight control (LOC-I) and attributing it to wrong actions taken by the flight crew during the climb out of Moscow. The investigators […]

CRASH | Angara Airlines Antonov AN-24 Collides with Building

Reading Time: 1 minute An Angara Airlines Antonov AN-24, registration RA-47366 performing flight 2G-200 from Ulan-Ude to Nizhneangarsk (Russia) with 43 passengers and 4 crew on board, was on approach to Nizhneangarsk when the left hand engine failed. The aircraft landed on Nizhneangarsk’s runway 22 in the touch down zone following a stable approach, rolled out on the center […]

Flydubai Boeing 737 Experiences Bird Strike

Reading Time: 1 minute A Flydubai Boeing 737-800, registration A6-FGC performing flight FZ-325 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Multan (Pakistan), was on approach to Multan’s runway 36 when an engine (CFM56) ingested a bird. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 36. The aircraft was unable to depart for the return flight. The return flight FZ-326 […]

Malindo Air Boeing 737 Experiences Runway Excursion During Backtrack

Reading Time: 1 minute A Malindo Air Boeing 737-800 was backtracking runway 29 for departure when upon turning around and line up for takeoff the aircraft went off the right edge of the runway and was disabled. The passengers disembarked normally via stairs. The airline stated: “Malindo Air OD301, a Boeing 737-800 with registration number 9M-LCK, experienced a runway […]

Fumes Injure Passengers and Cabin Crew on British Airways Flight

Reading Time: 1 minute A British Airways Airbus A320-200 was enroute near Frankfurt/Main (Germany) when the crew decided to divert to Frankfurt reporting smoke in the cockpit and cabin. A number of passengers and cabin crew felt unwell. The aircraft landed safely on Frankfurt’s runway 07C about 35 minutes later. A number of passengers and crew needed medical assistance. […]

Initial Report: Superjet 100 Crash Triggered by Electric Storm

Reading Time: 3 minutes The calamitous effects of unexpected “atmospheric electricity” on its on-board computer systems turned a Russian-built Superjet 100 passenger jet into an uncontrollable flying incendiary device, according to details carried in a June 14 report from Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). Shortly after the Murmansk-bound SSJ100 flight took-off from Moscow, an overhead storm scrambled the aircraft’s on-board […]