Turbulence Injures 4 on the Batik B739 Flight to Jakarta

A Batik Air Boeing 737-900, registration PK-LBJ performing flight ID-6575 from Surabaya to Jakarta (Indonesia), was climbing through FL230 out of Surabaya when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing minor injuries to two passengers and two cabin crew. The flight crew continued the climb to FL340 and landed the aircraft safely at destination about 60 minutes […]

At Least 10 Injured By Turbulence On American Airlines Flight

An American Airlines Airbus A330-300, registration N276AY performing flight AA-759 from Athens (Greece) to Philadelphia,PA (USA), was descending towards Philadelphia near Long Island when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing injuries to three passengers and seven cabin crew. The aircraft continued to Philadelphia for a safe landing about 35 minutes later. Passengers reported flight attendants were […]

Severe Turbulence Sends 10 United Passengers To Hospital

United Boeing 737-800 performing flight from Panama City to Houston was enroute about 80nm east of Cancun (Mexico) when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing injuries to 9 passengers and one cabin crew. The aircraft continued to Houston for a safe landing about 80 minutes later. Emergency services transported 9 passengers and one cabin crew to […]

26 Passengers Get Injured As China Eastern A330 Hits Turbulence

China Eastern Airbus A330 was performing flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Kunming when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence including two large jolts causing the aircraft to experience multiple rapid descends and climbs (in excess of 5000 fpm) reaching a minimum of FL349 as well as injuries to 26 people on board. The aircraft […]

Passenger Gets Injured As Kulula B737 Hits Turbulence

A Kululu Boeing 737-800 was on approach to Cape Town in adverse weather conditions when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence causing injuries to one passenger. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Cape Town’s runway 01. The airline reported the aircraft was about 20 minutes before landing in clear weather when the aircraft encountered […]

8 Injured After KLM B744 Encounters Severe Turbulence Near Hong Kong

A KLM Boeing 747-400, registration PH-BFR performing flight KL-887 (dep Jun 3rd) from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Hong Kong (China), was enroute at 8900 meters (FL291) about 30-40 minutes prior to landing in Hong Kong when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence for a couple of seconds causing passengers to be thrown against the cabin ceiling and […]

14 Turbulence-Injured Aeroflot Passengers Remain in Hospital

A total of 14 passengers traveling by Russia’s Aeroflot airlines from Moscow to Bangkok and injured due to turbulence remain in hospital, Aeroflot Airlines said in a statement on Monday. The plane was hit by short-term severe turbulence earlier in the day. After the aircraft landed in Bangkok, all the injured passengers were taken to […]

Four Injured After Air NZ Flight Hits Turbulence

An Air New Zealand flight from Vietnam was forced to turn back to Ho Chi Minh City yesterday after four people were injured when the plane hit turbulence. The airline said three cabin crew members and one passenger received minor injuries when the turbulence hit about 40 minutes into the flight to Auckland. The four […]

Turbulence Injures 16 Passengers on Flight from Houston to London

A flight from Houston to London was forced to make an emergency landing in Ireland due to  severe turbulence. Sixteen people have been hospitalized: fourteen passengers and two crew members. The extent of the injures is not immediately known. According to United Airlines, the customers and crew members of flight UA-880 are being provided with care and […]

Jet Blue Flight Makes an Emergency Landing After Severe Turbulence

The Jet Blue Flight 429 from Boston was scheduled to land in Sacramento at 8.55pm but was forced to land at Rapid City, South Dakota, about 1300 miles away, to make an emergency landing. More than 20 people were injured on the flight with a flight attendant taken from the flight in a neck brace. […]