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Sheremetyevo’s Third Runway to be Operational in 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute The board of directors of Sheremetyevo (SVO) has approved Russia’s largest airport’s development roadmap for the period until 2024. The new schedule still confirms plans to launch its key element – the opening of a third runway in 2019 –which will raise the facility’s total hourly throughput from the current 55 to 90 aircraft movements. […]

Copa Airlines Boeing 737 Becomes Disabled During Vacating the Runway

Reading Time: < 1 minute Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Panama City (Panama) to Cordoba (Argentina), landed on Cordoboa’s runway 18 at 06:14Z and turned off the runway into high speed turn off taxiway but became disabled before crossing the hold short line. The runway needed to be closed. Argentina’s JIAAC reported they have opened an investigation into […]

Air Canada Boeing 788 Turns off Runway into Dead End

Reading Time: < 1 minute An Air Canada Boeing 788, performing flight from Montreal, QC (Canada) to Tokyo Narita (Japan) with 201 passengers and 11 crew, landed on Tokyo Narita’s runway 16L and slowed to taxi speed. The aircraft subsequently vacated the runway via an apparent high speed turn off but became stuck due to the taxiway’s surface not being […]

Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321 Goes off the Runway

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321, performing flight from Hue to Hanoi (Vietnam), landed on Hanoi’s runway 11R but temporarily went off the runway and returned onto the runway. The aircraft taxied to the terminal without further incident, the passengers disembarked normally. The airline reported the aircraft landed in adverse weather conditions and temporarily went off […]

Renovation of Tegel Airport Completed for 2.57 Million Euros

Reading Time: < 1 minute The renovation of the north runway and an important taxiway at Tegel Airport has been completed. Construction work has been taking place nightly since May, between 11 p.m. and 5.30 a.m. In the eastern part of the north runway, a total of 7,500 square metres of surface were renovated, 800 metres of joints were repaired, […]

Vietnam Plans to Upgrade Runways of Two International Airports

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vietnam mulled upgrading runways at Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh City, to ensure aviation safety, the Transport Ministry said on Thursday. The ministry has proposed the government allocate funds of 193.8 million U.S. dollars to repair and upgrade the runways, and improve their security […]

U.K Parliament Confirms Construction of Third Runway at Heathrow

Reading Time: 2 minutes With 415 votes for and 119 votes against, the U.K parliament has given the go-ahead for the construction of a third runway at the city’s busiest airport, Heathrow. However, this is just one more step in many phases that will have to be gone through before any construction work. The vote gives the green light […]

Serve Air Cargo AN-26 Engine Failure Results In Runway Excursion

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Serve Air Cargo Antonov AN-26 performing a cargo flight from Goma to Bunia (DR Congo) with 4 crew, was climbing out of Goma when one of the engines (AI-24VT) failed prompting the crew to return to Goma’s runway 35. The aircraft touched down at about mid point of the runway and did not stop […]

Vilnius Airport To Be Closed Due To The Runway Reconstruction

Reading Time: 2 minutes In preparation for the runway reconstruction, which will begin in two months, Vilnius Airport warns pilots about temporary changes. It is planned that for two weeks, from 30 June to 13 July, the ILS (instrumental landing system) will be deactivated at the airport and a different navigation system, VOR/DME, will be used. According to Donatas […]

UK Government Supports a New Runway at Heathrow

Reading Time: 4 minutes In a major boost for the UK economy the government announced (25 October 2016) its support for a new runway at Heathrow – the first full length runway in the south-east since the second world war. The scheme will now be taken forward in the form of a draft ‘National policy statement’ (NPS) for consultation. […]