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REVEALED | World’s Best Airport 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes Airports are indispensable part of air travel. Undoubtedly, contributing to general quality and comfort of your travel. So, which airport is “a must” to visit in 2019 to get the best experience? This week, Skytrax, “Oscars of the aviation industry”, has released the results of their annual airport customer satisfaction survey. For the seventh consecutive […]

Singapore Suspends Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Operations

Reading Time: 1 minute In light of fatal accidents of Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines involving Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) announced temporarily suspending operations of all variants of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft into and out of the country.  The suspension took effect 12 March 2019 2 PM local time. According to […]

Singapore Changes LA Route Due to North Korean Missile Test

Reading Time: 1 minute Singapore Airlines has changed the flight route of its daily Singapore Changi-Los Angeles Int’l service to avoid the Sea of Japan where North Korea conducts missile testing, the carrier has announced. The previously unannounced change was introduced in July after North Korea had conducted two tests of powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the […]

5 Airports Prove to Be the Best in the World

Reading Time: 1 minute Air travel is no longer a luxury commodity – on the contrary, it proves to be as indispensable to everyday life as medicine or telecommunications. Apart from occupying a pivotal role in the social development, aviation also brings enormous benefits to modern economies by unlocking their potential for more profitable trade and tourism. Without a […]

Emirates A380 Collides With Scoot’s 787 in Singapore

Reading Time: 1 minute An Emirates A380 flight departing for Tianjin from Singapore’s Changi Airport collided with another aircraft. All passengers have been reported safe. Emirates has said it’s aircraft is “slightly damaged” after the pushback with Singapore’s Scoot flight TZ18 carrying 303. Pictures on social media show minimal damage on Emirates’ A380 wingtip but gashing on Scoot’s 787. […]

Airport Power Systems Installation & Maintenance 2017

Perceiving the growing demand for airports’ effective operation of electrical power supply, this 5-day course has been designed to provide attendees with a complete guide to installation and maintenance methods, and in additional to presentations of the subjects, participants will be challenged in actual project case studies to apply the principles discussed. Get insights to: […]

Airspace Planning & Design Masterclass 2017

The Airspace Planning & Design Masterclass 2017 is a comprehensive 5-day program designed to provide a complete guide on establishing strategic Airspace planning & management across key stakeholders to ensure effective utilisation of airspace, improving Civil & Military Coordination, enhancing Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Capacity Planning as well […]

Airfield Pavement Design & Evaluation 2017

Equip Global’s 4 day Airfield Pavement Design & Evaluation Training Course is developed to give professionals involved in the design process a complete guide to understanding the overall pavement system, from the different types of pavements to the design methods and their limitations, through the reasons for materials specifications on to the lessons learned from […]

Aerodrome Safeguarding 2016

The Aerodrome Safeguarding Masterclass 2016 is a comprehensive 5-day program designed to provide a complete guide on improving aerodrome safeguarding methods with the emphasis on Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) Surveying as well as equipping delegates with updated knowledge on the global legislative requirements for aerodrome certification. This course is a truly hands-on and practical experience […]

Singapore to Buy Airbus and Boeing Helicopters

Reading Time: 1 minute Singapore has agreed to buy new military helicopters from Airbus and Boeing Co to replace its aging fleet of Super Pumas and Chinooks, the city-state’s defense ministry said on Monday. Singapore has the largest defense budget in Southeast Asia at a time when China’s increasingly assertive actions in the disputed South China Sea spur regional […]