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Pilots, Leap Into Action – Airlines are Looking for You

Reading Time: 6 minutes After coping with terrorism, bankruptcies and consolidation, the largest airlines of the world are facing a new problem: a looming worldwide pilot shortage. The recent boom in air travel has created an urgent demand for new aircraft and additional flights as well as new routes all over the world which, in turn, have served the […]

Austrian Airlines Again Looking to Hire 100 New Pilots in 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes Austrian Airlines will have hired a total of 145 new male and female pilots before the end of 2016. Moreover, it is searching for 100 pilots for the year 2017. The additional need for young pilots is related to the retraining drive triggered by the integration of 17 Embraer jets to replace the previous 21 […]

Long-Looming Pilot Shortage May Be Near

Reading Time: 2 minutes A worldwide shortage of pilots – forecast for more than 15 years – has so far failed to materialise, but there are worrying signs. Simulation and training company CAE points out that US regional carriers, seen as a source of pilots by the majors, cannot expand and often have to drop schedules or routes because […]

How JetBlue Is Filling Demand For Pilots

Reading Time: 5 minutes Given pilot shortage forecasts, a new ab initio hiring program launched by a US airline is going to be watched closely. New York-based JetBlue Airways’ Gateway Select program inducted its first class of cadets late this summer. One of seven dedicated pipelines leading to the JetBlue cockpit, Gateway Select is the first modern example of […]

Chinese Airlines Scrambling To Hire Foreign Pilots

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chinese airlines continue to hire foreign pilots at a record pace in an effort to address a shortage of experienced flight crew caused by the rapid expansion of both the local commercial and civil aviation industries. While authorities estimate Chinese airlines will need 2,800 to 3,000 pilots annually over the next five years, the 12 […]

Afghan Air Force Needs More Pilots and Planes

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Afghan air force is limited not only by its size. Despite numbering only 130 aircraft, there are not enough pilots and crews to fly them all. The shortage is hampering Afghan security forces’ ability to fight Taliban terrorists, who are once again gaining territory in the north and south of the country. Troops on […]