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Trigana Air’s Boeing 737 Skidded Off The Runway in Jayawijaya

Reading Time: 1 minute Authorities have closed Wamena Airport in Jayawijaya, Papua, after a cargo aircraft belonging to airline company PT Trigana Air Service skidded off the runway on Tuesday. According to reports, the Trigana Air service plane skidded off the runway at 7:30 a.m. local time as it attempted to land. Sparks of fire reportedly emanated from areas […]

Protesters Take Over Runway at London City Airport

Reading Time: 1 minute A number of protesters occupied the London City Airport‘s runway disrupting all flights. It has been reported that the protesters bypassed security by using a rubber dinghy to cross the docks. Responsibility for the protest via a series of tweets has been claimed by the Black Lives Matter UK movement. The protesters tweeted: “Activists in support of BLMUK #Shutdown […]

Turbulence Injures 16 Passengers on Flight from Houston to London

Reading Time: 1 minute A flight from Houston to London was forced to make an emergency landing in Ireland due to  severe turbulence. Sixteen people have been hospitalized: fourteen passengers and two crew members. The extent of the injures is not immediately known. According to United Airlines, the customers and crew members of flight UA-880 are being provided with care and […]

Airlander 10, World’s Largest Aircraft, Damaged During Test Flight

Reading Time: 1 minute The world’s largest aircraft, the Airlander 10, has sustained damage during its second test flight in central England. The aircraft, which is 92 metres long, appears to have nose-dived upon landing, hitting the ground and damaging the cockpit. Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), the manufacturer of the helium-filled airship said no-one was injured. Airlander 10 was […]

China to Limit North Korean Airline’s Operations After Forced Landing

Reading Time: 1 minute China will limit the operations of North Korean carrier Air Koryo after one of its aircraft made an emergency landing in a northeastern Chinese city last month, and has told the airline to improve training and maintenance. The plane, a Russian-built Tupolev TU204-300, was flying to Beijing from Pyongyang when it made a forced landing […]

KrasAvia Yak-42 Aircraft Suffered a Runway Excursion at Ufa Airport

Reading Time: 1 minute KrasAvia flight suffered a runway excursion after landing at Ufa International Airport in Bashkortostan, Russia, by 1,312 ft. (400 meters) Aug. 12, at 4:30 a.m. local time. The aircraft landed on runway 32R but failed to stop on the runway. There was a thunderstorm over the airport at the time of the incident which could be a […]

Jet Blue Flight Makes an Emergency Landing After Severe Turbulence

Reading Time: 1 minute The Jet Blue Flight 429 from Boston was scheduled to land in Sacramento at 8.55pm but was forced to land at Rapid City, South Dakota, about 1300 miles away, to make an emergency landing. More than 20 people were injured on the flight with a flight attendant taken from the flight in a neck brace. […]

Bomb Threats Reported on Two Planes Due to Land at Brussels

Reading Time: 1 minute Bomb threats have been reported on two passenger planes which have landed at Brussels Airport. According to broadcaster VRT, currently two aircrafts are on the runway at the airport in Zaventem, Belgium. Fortunately, both planes landed safely. The planes are now being inspected. It is known that two planes involved were: SAS flight SK4745 from Oslo and SAS flight SK2591 […]

Two People Die in Mi-2 Helicopter Crash in Russia

Reading Time: 1 minute Two people, pilot and passenger, died as a result of the crash of a Mil Mi-2 helicopter in the Russian southwestern Krasnodar territory, according to a senior criminalist with the local investigative committee. “Two people died as a result of the crash. One of them was a pilot, information on the second one, whether he […]

Jetstar Emergency Landing In Guam

Reading Time: 1 minute A Jetstar Airways flight JQ12 with 320 people on board  has made an emergency landing on the U.S. island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Plane was flying from Tokyo to Australia’s Gold Coast. An engine was shut down in mid-flight as a precaution The decision to shut down the engine was taken after the crew […]