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Malaysia to Resume Search for Flight MH370 Missing Since 2014

Reading Time: < 1 minute Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappeared in the sky over the South China Sea on March 8, 2014. Since then, all attempts to find the crashed plane have failed. The Malaysian government has notified relatives of the passengers of flight MH370 Boeing 777, which went missing in 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, that […]

EASA Releases Preliminary Safety Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has released its preliminary review for aviation statistics for 2016 in the domain of Commercial Air Transport (CAT) planes, covering worldwide operations and those which involve the 32 EASA Member States. In summary, there was one fatal incident involving any EASA State Member in 2016 where, in January, a […]

Qatar Airways to Track Its Aircraft Minute by Minute

Reading Time: < 1 minute Qatar Airways is to track its aircraft in flight in almost real-time from 2018. It will be one of the first airlines equipped with this kind of surveillance system – with the aim of avoiding a repeat of the MH370 disaster. Today 70% of the world’s airspace is off the radar for traditional, line-of-sight Air […]

More Debris Found With Possible MH370 Link: Australia

Reading Time: < 1 minute Three new pieces of debris found in Mozambique and Mauritius may have come from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, according to Australian authorities.  Three new pieces of debris have been found in Mauritius and in Mozambique that could be linked to missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Australia’s Transport Minister said Thursday (May 26). The […]

Australian Government: Mozambique Debris ‘Almost Certainly’ From MH370

Reading Time: < 1 minute Australian minister for infrastructure and transport Darren Chester said Australia has concluded aircraft debris recently found off the coast of Mozambique “almost certainly” came from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Aircraft debris found washed up on a sandbank off the coast of Mozambique at the beginning of March was sent to Australia for analysis, and Malaysian […]

Possible Piece of MH370 Engine Found on South African Beach

Reading Time: 2 minutes A piece of debris found on a beach in South Africa will be analysed to see if it belongs to missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, authorities have said. Malaysia said it would send a team to retrieve the possible piece of aircraft engine inlet cowling, which was found near Mossel Bay, a small town in […]

Two Years of Waiting: Missing Malaysian Aircraft MH370

Reading Time: 4 minutes Two years ago on March 8, 2014 tragic news hit the world when Malaysian Airlines’ plane disappeared. The fact that 239 people were missing caused a lot of pain for families and friends and left them in uncertainty which lasts until now.    Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41am and was expected […]

Emirates Reportedly to Hire Laid-off Malaysian Pilots

Reading Time: 2 minutes Following Malaysian Airlines’ announcement this week that it would be grounding its remaining fleet of Boeing 777s and cancelling several long-haul routes, Emirates has, according to a report by Arabian Supply Chain, signalled its interest in hiring laid-off Malaysian pilots. Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ divisional senior vice-president, strategic planning, revenue optimisation and aeropolitical affairs, based in […]

Investigators Narrowed the Search for Missing MH370

Reading Time: 2 minutes Australian investigators believe both of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370’s engines flamed out, suggesting the Boeing 777-200 was not intentionally ditched. Also, new analysis has narrowed the search area for MH370, giving officials renewed hope of finding the aircraft. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has issued a new report on MH370 based on research and […]